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Super Junior 4th Album "Bona Mana"

Super Junior 4th Album "Bona Mana"
just only 10 but still 13



Selasa, 10 November 2009


SBS new drama "A.N.JELL" starts broadcasting with high expectation from the audiences.

Focusing on hot item which is idol group members' life, drama "A.N.JELL" grabs the audience from the first episode by showing interesting characters and amazing performance on 7 October.

Actress Park Sin-hye is playing two characters in the drama which are one boy and one girl. She is chosen as boy member for idol group A.N.JELL which attracts lots of attention from audiences as the story going on.

Other group members of idol group A.N.JELL are played Jang Geun-seok, Lee Hong Ki from FT Island and Jeong Yong-hwa showing very different and unique characteristics in the drama.

Actually, the whole story of idol group members' life described in the drama is so close to real situation in Korea which makes the drama more attractive to the audiences.

Especially famous singer group After School also participated in the filming of first episode of "A.N.JELL" with special group name "Before School". The club party scene filmed by After School member wins lots of good comments from the audiences. The audiences also give the actors positive review based on their performance in the first episode.

 jang geun suk,lee hong ki,jeong hyong-wa,park sin-hye

jeong hyeo-wa,jang geun suk,lee hong ki

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